Just start now.

Are You Listening_

Do you listen when God calls?

Or are you more like me? Resisting, holding out, procrastinating, avoiding what every molecule of your body is shouting at you?

2017 was the first year ever that I picked one word to focus on.

Let me rephrase that… my word of focus for 2017 was not my choice.

If God has ever spoken to you, gently nudged you in a certain direction, you know what I’m talking about. Something enters your mind that you can’t take credit for, something that you maybe wouldn’t choose of your own will.

And it digs and digs at you until you finally relent.

It all started when I read a post by Margaret Feinberg at the turn of last year. She suggested praying and asking God for one word to focus on throughout the year.

I remember praying in my son’s dark room, enveloped in the peace of a sleeping baby and our slow steady rocking.

And just like that, my word came to me.


Really? That surely couldn’t be right. My exhausted mom brain must have come up with that.

I waited and tried to focus. To receive my magic word. Something amazing and full of passion like “joy” or “pursue” or even “yes.”

But there it was, lodged in my brain. Rest. And it wouldn’t go away.

Really? Rest???

I couldn’t help but feel let down. I was looking forward to a year of momentum and now it seemed that God was telling me that I could expect a year of… stagnation. 

But, I’d asked for a word and I’d been given one, so I relented and decided to embrace and explore it.

As I researched and read, I quickly realized that this word was a blessing. That the Bible actually references rest at numerous points, both literally and figuratively.

There are multiple reasons that I believe God whispered “Rest” to me that evening, and I’ll go into more detail on that in the near future.

But, today isn’t the day for that.

I wrote all of this to lead  up to my word for 2018. A word that, again, I didn’t choose. A word that I never  would have chosen in a million years left to my own devices.


As 2018 approached, I started to think about what my new word would be, and again hoped for something powerful to help me move forward. Nothing was coming to mind and I was close to choosing something like “drive” for myself.

And then, on New Year’s Day, one day before my birthday, my word came to me.


This was a hard word for me to swallow. It kind of made me cringe. I tend to see rules and guidelines as flexible. And the concept of obedience has always brought to mind oppressive relationships  or dogs learning to sit.

More so, as I thought about it, I realized I’m not good at obeying God’s call. How many times am I the one holding myself back from pursuing the things that are tugging at my heart and soul?


So, for once… I am.

And, I’m confident that that it will get me exactly where I am supposed to be.





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