Be Brave. Be Honest. Be Real.

Be Brave Be Honest Be Real

This week the universe seems to be screaming at me to stop being so afraid.

I recently wrote about my bewilderment at the word that God gave me to focus on in 2018: Obey.

Just a few weeks in, I’m realizing more and more that part of the significance of this word is to help me move forward and push through my paralyzing fears.

Growing up, I was the kind of kid to whom things came easy. When it came to academics, I didn’t really have to try.

At night, I went home to a toxic environment, full of turmoil, where I lived in constant fear of saying or doing the wrong thing.

The combination of these experiences made me someone who has focused on achieving just enough while staying under the radar. Someone who wouldn’t dare be vulnerable and throw myself fully into something and risk failing.

It’s really scary to put myself out there, explore my thoughts, be vulnerable. But, it’s exactly what I feel compelled to do.

The cheesiest phrase has been floating through my mind. You don’t have to be right to write. It is something an elementary schooler could have come up with, but under the surface, it is powerful.

It is permission to mess up. To not be perfect. To try things out and see what sticks. An invitation to just empty out my brain and pour my soul on to the page.

Yesterday I listened to an episode of Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast, Magic Lessons. Elizabeth is probably best known as the author of Eat Pray Love, but has gone on to achieve success in a number of endeavors. This was actually my first time listening, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. The entire podcast is centered around creativity and overcoming fear to create. How weird is life? This topic has been on my heart, then a friend randomly recommends an episode on Instagram (not the one I ended up listening to) and the podcast ends up being completely focused on the very thing I’m trying to unravel.

Anyway, her guest was Glennon Doyle Melton, who is a blogger turned author and basically one of the coolest people ever. She talked about starting her blog Momastery and how in the beginning it was rough around the edges, but raw and real. Glennon shared her deep-rooted need to be honest and to be seen.

There’s something about that I can really relate to.

So, here I am.

I’m sure you have something to give the world, whether it is your voice, your actions, or something else. And just in case you need it, I invite you to be messy. Take chances. Be brave. Be honest. Be real.


29 thoughts on “Be Brave. Be Honest. Be Real.

  1. monicavaklinova says:

    Such a deep read! I think you always have to be real to yourself, that’s the best thing you can do for yourself and for the others! Thank you for inspiring me! ❤

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  2. Shequita says:

    You and I have a great deal in common. As the daughter of a Pastor, mistakes were simply not tolerated. I was expected to walk, talk, and behave a certain way so as not to being shame to my father’s ministry. So I became a perfectionist. The only problem with that is that NO ONE IS PERFECT. I am 30 years old and I just became okay with that. Thank you for posting this. I appreciate your call to action at the end. It was very motivating and no it’s not cheesy to say that we don’t have to be right to write. You should put that on a shirt and sell it my sister 😉

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    • Faith Illuminated says:

      Your words just brought me LIFE! Thank you.
      Shequita, you are so right: NO ONE IS PERFECT. Why do so many of us try to pretend otherwise?


  3. wdwrws says:

    This is a great post, and I agree with how difficult it can be to summon the bravery to put your writing out into a world so fraught with criticism and competition. Good for you!

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  4. Dee says:

    I enjoyed reading this post! I am one person who second guesses myself a lot. As we speak, I have 6 drafts on my blog that I haven’t posted yet because I feel they are ridiculous. Even starting my blog took me a while to start it because I wasn’t brave enough. I need to brave up and chase my dreams. Like you wrote, I don’t have to be right to write, right? lol. Thanks for sharing

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  5. Joanna Stephens says:

    Wow. I am pretty sure you summed up my life. I was always one to run away from being in the spotlight. It took a lot of guts for me to start a blog because I went so long thinking I am not good enough or that no one would want to read what I wrote. It’s amazing what happens when we listen to God and stop listening to our fears. Great read!

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  6. Corretta says:

    It take so much courage to be real especially in a society that constantly judges. You always have to remember the perception you have of yourself should matter more than how others perceive you. Continue to be brave and real!

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